30 years of antenna making experience

IMC has an extensive antenna product line ranging from 20MHz to 42GHz. IMC has the knowledge and the experience of more than 30 years of helping customers match the right antenna to a given application, as well as identify potential turn-key solutions that integrate wideband antennas with positioners and controllers to create an effective system.

These antennas include directional antennas such as log periodic, horn antennas, biconical antennas and Patch antennas, which are used in multiple applications including broadband surveillance, and tracking. They can be used as standalone antennas or as a part of a system. IMC also produces vast array of Omni directional antennas, such as conical spirals, back cavity spirals, dipole antennas and monopole antennas for broadband surveillance, air to ground communications and airborne (manned & unmanned) instrumentation antennas. IMC antennas meet airborne environmental conditions and have been qualified and used on aircrafts, UAVs, ships, missiles, robots and many other military, HLS and civil applications.