Flight Termination Receiver

IMC IREC-4050-6-FTR is an innovative miniature and rugged airborne FTR (Flight Termination Receiver), designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions as required in the most advanced missile and UAV platforms. It is highly sensitive and has very high jammer tolerance. The IMC FTR is very reliable and meets the highest safety levels. It supports two simultaneous failsafe automatic detection scenarios.

The unit is fully programmable by using a GUI application. Configuration includes: flexible frequency setting, IRIG 6 Tones combinations of commands and failsafe threshold Level settings.

Specification Range 
Frequency 400-450 MHz 
Programmable command modes 6 Tone IRIG Mode
Sensitivity    -107 ÷ -116 dBm
Operating input voltage 22 ÷ 36VDC
Size Less than 4 in³ / 25 cm³
Weight Less than 5 oz. / 140 gr.