Power Amplifiers

IMC designs and manufactures state-of-the-art SSPA (Solid State Power Amplifier) using latest transistors GaN and GaAs technology. All amplifiers are suited for extremely reliable operation in severe environmental conditions, suitable for aircrafts, ground vehicles, Radar and other military systems. IMC’s RF Power Amplifier are designed to meet MIL-STD-810F environmental standards for Ground, Air and maritime applications and are installed on various platforms.

ce developing and manufacturing antennas, IMCs line of Biconical Antennas ensures state-of-the-art performance and are used in airborne, maritime and ground applications. While the basic antenna works in vertical polarization, proprietary meander-line polarizers enable a 45° slant, LHCP/RHCP and horizontal polarization.

Biconical antennas can be ordered in different configurations: basic, array, multiple antennas in a random, with phase or amplitude matching.
All antennas are designed to operate in harsh environment conditions and meet military standards.

Specification Range 
Frequency 50Mhz – 40Ghz
Type Cavity / L & C
Input technology Coax / Waveguide