TDMA Transceiver

The ITR-TDMA-2224 is a TDMA transceiver used in data link network between airplanes for ACMI and other projects. The advanced transceiver is the most efficient transceiver in the market that used newly development power amplifier. The ITR-TDMA-2224 is a software based transmitter and receiver and supports 2.2-2.4GHz frequency band with an output power of up to 60W. It is a low cost, lightweight, rugged, single unit, wideband data link. It includes digital modem, RF electronics and FEC in one system. The unit includes two receivers that receives the data in parallel from two antennas and one transmitter. The transceiver sends the same data twice on each slot (on the upper antenna and the lower antenna).

Specification Range 
Frequency UHF, L ,S ,C Band
Operation method Full duplex / Half duplex (TDD or TDMA)
Functionality Options AES Encryption, FEC (Forward Error Correction).
Modulation FM, GMSK, BPSK, QPSK
Power Up to 40W