ITR-TDMA-2224 is a part of a programmable TDMA Transceivers family. The transceivers support L, S frequency band with an output power of 40W. It is low cost, lightweight, rugged, single unit, wideband transceiver. It includes digital modem, RF electronics and FEC all in one system. The unit includes 2 receivers that receives the data in parallel from two antennas and one transmitter. The transmitter sends the same data twice on each time slot (half slot to the upper antenna and half slot to the lower antenna) It has a built in power amplifier that works in burst mode or CW.

Main transceiver advantages:

  • Fully software - the transceiver can be set to any configuration.

  • Minimal size and weight

  • Output power options - 40W/20W/60W

  • Works in TDMA mode

  • Support L, S band

  • Forward Error Correction for AES encryption

  • Highly efficient - more than 50% for transmitter when transmitting - can set to duty cycle up to 50% or even CW.

  • Control on time slot, size and location

  • MIL-SPEC environmental & MIL-STD-461C EMI standards

The transceiver is one of the most efficient on the market: thanks to a unique GaN technology, each user has longer and many transmission slots, enabling them to transmit more information, including video. The transceiver can also operate in scenarios in which two antennas are needed, such as where an aerial platform requires an up/down antenna to ensure full coverage.

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