Small size, Lightweight, Great Performance

IMC has more than 20 years experience supplying more than 2500 high power TDMA based transceivers that were deployed in several types of aircrafts in Europe, NATO and the Far East.

IMC offers a line of flight-proven, synthesized, video & telemetry digital transceivers that operate either in full duplex (different frequencies for upstream and downstream) or half duplex (same frequency for upstream and downstream using TDD or TDMA methods). The transceivers are small size, lightweight and have minimal heat dissipation. All these possibilities make them suitable for target drones, UAV’s, robots, rockets and aircrafts. Several input parameters such as frequency, IF frequency, bit rate and output power are easily configured before the mission using a user-friendly application provided with the transceiver.

IMC’s transceivers are designed for MIL-SPEC environmental standards and MIL-STD-461C EMI standards. The transceivers include a signal-processing module, which is needed in order to achieve best performance along with simple integration.

Capability Range

Specification Range 
Frequency UHF, L ,S ,C Band
Operation method Full duplex / Half duplex (TDD or TDMA)
Functionality Options AES Encryption, FEC (Forward Error Correction).
Modulation  FM, GMSK, BPSK, QPSK
Power Up to 40W