Small size, Lightweight, Great success

IMC offers a line of flight-proven synthesized video and telemetry digital transmitters, used primarily to relay telemetry data and video to a remote location. The transmitters are small sized, lightweight and have minimal heat dissipation. Several input parameters such as frequency, IF frequency, bit rate and output power can be configured before the mission by using a user-friendly application provided with the transmitter. IMC transmitters are designed for MIL-SPEC environmental standards and MIL-STD-461C EMI standards. The transmitters include a signal-processing module, in order to achieve best performance yet simple integration. IMC transmitters also have optional AES encryption and FEC (forward error correction code).

The Transmitters are designed & used in a variety of applications such as UGV / UAS, missile experiments, robots, fighter aircrafts, training simulators, radar systems, space vehicles, and more.

Capability Range

Specification Range 
Frequency UHF, L ,S ,C Band
Bit rate Up to 20Mbps
Power Up to 40W
Coupling  DC
Modulation type FM, GMSK, BPSK, QPSK