IMC is a leading manufacturer of Double Ridge Waveguide components. IMC has an extensive product line made from rigid, flexible and flex/twist Waveguide. IMC Waveguide can be Rectangular (WR975 ÷ WR28) or Double Ridge (WRD180 ÷ WRD750). IMC specializes in designing and manufacturing Waveguide systems for ships, aircrafts and ground systems (Radar, Tracking systems) and has the capability to design and test Waveguide systems at the customer’s premises. IMC Waveguide parts can be made out of Aluminum, Copper or any other Copper Alloys. IMC Waveguide line of product includes H & E Bends with different arm’s length, Twist parts in different length, Transitions from one size to another size (example WR90 to WR75 transition), Pressure Windows and integration of flex and rigid Waveguides.

Specification Range 
Material Aluminum / Copper / Copper Alloys
Types Rectangular (WR975 ÷ WR28) / Double ridge (WRD180 ÷ WRD750)
Waveguide components H & E Bends / Twist / Transitions / Pressure Windows

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