Small High Efficiency Transmitters

IMC Industries is proud to launch the new ITR-HE-2224-20/10; A highly-efficient digital telemetry and video transmitter family with the output power of 10W and 20W using GaN technology

This module is designed for airborne and space borne applications. The transmitter can reach a synthesized frequency control of over a band of 220MHz  and provides flexibility in applications where frequency assignments may differ. Operating frequency, bit rate and bandwidth are easily selected through a GUI application. The unit includes all the signal processing needed to achieve the best performance and simple integration. The module is available in L , S and C Band. 

What makes these transmitters so impressive?

  • Efficiency of at least 40% – Best efficiency in the market
    (0.9A for 10W at 28V, 1.8A for 20W at 28W)

  • Very low heat dissipation – only 15W for 10W transmitter, 30W for 20W transmitter

  • Small weight and size – 370 gr 51x76x17 mm

  • Fully digital, easily configurable – frequency (on a band of 220MHz), bitrate up to 20Mbps

  • Forward Error Correction and Encryption is optional

  • Integral Randomizer

  • MIL-SPEC Standard

  • Available in L , S and C band

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