Small High Efficiency Transceiver

The IVT-DIG-195 S-Band programmable TDMA transceiver is a Small Sized, Highly Efficient, and Light Weight module designed for airborne and space borne applications. The transmitter can reach a never seen before efficiency of up to 45%. A synthesized frequency control capability of over 200 MHz provides flexibility in applications where multiple missions exist in parallel. The operating frequency is easily configured through a GUI application.Transmit bitrate and slot configuration could be defined by the customer before the order.

Specification Range 
Frequency UHF, L ,S ,C Band
Operation method Full duplex / Half duplex (TDD or TDMA)
Functionality Options AES Encryption, FEC (Forward Error Correction).
Modulation FM, GMSK, BPSK, QPSK
Power Up to 40W