Waveguide To Coax Adaptor

IMC offers a variety of Waveguide to Coax adaptors. IMC designs and manufactures Top Launch or End Line adaptors made from Rectangular Waveguide (WR28 ÷ WR975) or Double Ridge (WRD180 ÷ WRD750) with any Coax adaptors (SMA, N-Type, TNC, K-Type, and 2.4mm, 3.5mm or 7/16) and up to 500W.

Specification Range 
Adaptor types Top Launch / End Line
Coax adaptor SMA / N-Type / TNC / K-Type / and 2.4mm / 3.5mm  or 7/16
Power Up to 500W
Waveguide Type Rectangular (WR28 ÷ WR975) / Double ridge (WRD180 ÷ WRD750)

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