About Us

Innovation and Excellence in RF & Microwave

IMC Industries (founded in 1987) is a worldwide leading provider that specializes in developing & manufacturing state-of-the-art RF modules, microwave components and data link communication systems for defense, homeland security and civil applications. 
IMC’s products are integrated as part of various platforms such as UAV/UGV/UGS, ground to ground mobile systems, electronic warfare systems, radar systems and test simulators.
The company’s products are based on the latest technology available in the market integrated with its own internal innovations that are based on an invaluable combination of client variety and years of experience. Our products are designed for harsh conditions and comply with military world standards.

IMC's core values

  • Quality– High standards
  • Performance – Precision & Effectiveness
  • Agility and Collaboration – Tailor made Unique solutions
  • Customer support – Exceed customer’s needs & expectations
  • Innovation – Leading by ingenuity

IMC's unique innovations

  • Small and high efficient receivers, transmitters and power amplifiers in UHF, S-Band, C-Band and X-Band.
  • Advanced data processing applications (integrated in the product using FPGA and CPU) – anti jamming, Encryption, FEC (Forward error correction), etc.
  • Ground station with the latest antenna tracking capabilities such as monopulse and GPS tracking.
  • Advanced heat transfer and dissipation technology
  • Manufacturing of specifically adapted antennas to comply with each and every customers’ needs – unique, one of a kind antennas.

Our Mission

  • Providing our customers with innovative tailor-made microwave communication & telemetry solutions for sea, ground and air applications. 
  • Developing cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of electrical and environmental requirements according to different defense, HLS & civil market demands. 


IMC is composed of a team of experts in the field of RF and microwave which obtain vast knowledge in designing and developing passive microwave modules as well as active digital and analog modules. Our Team’s main purpose is to assist our customers in reaching their design and performance goals. The team consists of highly trained and proficient electrical & mechanical engineers, RF technicians, antenna experts, digital & analog RF experts, welders, developers, and integrators.

Facilities & QA

IMC ensures the quality and reliability of its products by strictly controlling the design and the manufacturing processes and by working closely with vendors to ensure delivery of high quality products.

IMC has an ISO 9001/2015 certification. The quality assurance procedures are continually approved by major electronic equipment providers such as IAI, Elta and Rafael.

All relevant workers undergo IPC-A-610 training.

IMC works in compliance with any customer-specified MIL-STD and acquire a complete range of modern test equipment, including network and spectrum analyzers for production and development tests, an antenna test range for antenna beam pattern validation & qualification.

All labs are equipped with temperature chambers for ESS and qualification tests. In addition, IMC has an in-house Shock vibration machine for ESS testing.


IMC supplied hundreds of products to leading defense and home land security industries around the world.

IMC is unique in its close relationship with its customers. The relationship starts at the beginning of the project while planning a personally customized product / system and throughout the life cycle of the project development & support.

After the development phase of the product, where IMC manages an ongoing dialog with the costumer in order to develop a perfectly-fit solution, IMC continues to provide its customers with the highest level of support throughout the lifetime of the project.

IMC has customers and partners in Israel as well as all around the world. Our customers are leading providers of communication and electronic systems and products. Amongst them are Rafael, IAI, Elbit, DSO, BEL, HAL, IDF, Indra, IMA, Elta, Selex, DEIHL BGT Defense, etc.