Small High Efficiency Transceivers

We are excited to update you that we have just delivered a new 40W high efficient TDMA transceiver to a strategic customer, and are currently in negotiation with other customers.

The IVT-DIG-195 S-Band programmable TDMA transceiver is a Small Sized, Highly Efficient, and Light Weight module designed for airborne and space borne applications. The transmitter can reach a never seen before efficiency of up to 45%. A synthesized frequency control capability of over 200 MHz provides flexibility in applications where multiple missions exist in parallel. The operating frequency is easily configured through a GUI application. Transmit bitrate and slot configuration could be defined by the customer before the order. This transceiver provides MIL-SPEC quality and environmental capabilities. The IVT-DIG-195 can handle an output power of 40W and maximum output bit rate up to 20MBps. This unit includes all signal processing needed to achieve the best performance with simple integration. The module is also available in UHF, L and C Band.

Main transceiver advantages

  • New efficiency reached- up to 45%! (last transceiver model efficiency- 20% to 25%)

  • Minimal size and weight

  • Output power options – 40W/20W

  • Works in TDMA mode (supports 1PPS input for synchronization)

  • Works in 2.2GHz-2.4GHz frequency band  (other bands are optional)

  • Forward Error Correction and Encryption are optional

  • The data input and control interface- Ethernet / RS422

  • The unit includes either one or two receivers that receive data in parallel from two antennas. 

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