Sinuous Antenna

We are excited to update you that we have just delivered a new type of Dual Circular Polarized, sinuous antennas for air, sea and ground for different type of applications such as direction finding, EW ELINT, RWR and ESM airborne.

IMC sinuous antenna handles in parallel signals of any two orthogonal linear polarizations and simultaneous left and right-handed circular polarizations. It supports many applications with a wide range of arbitrarily polarized signals, from devices also giving a wide bandwidth and broad beam width.
The new antenna family can also be used as a feed for reflector antennas. They provide a stable phase center across the frequency band. The antenna can be tailor made according to customer requirements. The antenna is design to meet harsh environmental condition and it is designed to comply with MIL-STD-810.

Specification Range 
Frequency 2-18 GHz
Gain -4dBic ÷ +3dBic
Beam width 50º ÷ 95º
VSWR Up to 100W
Power handling 5W
Axial ratio 2dB
Squint ±7º

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